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HIV Case Study Day HIV and Aging

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Oct 19, 2021
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Older patients are more likely to be diagnosed with HIV late in the course of their disease. A person may receive a delayed diagnoses because health care providers may not always test older patients for HIV infection, and older patients may mistake HIV symptoms for signs of normal aging and don’t consider HIV as a possible cause they should discuss with their provider. Stigma is also a concern because it can have a negative impact on the quality of life and may prevent a patient from disclosing their HIV status or seeking the health care and social services needed. The efficacy of ARVs has decreased the probability of AIDS-defining illnesses, but many HIV-associated non-AIDS co-morbidities occur frequently in older people with HIV, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, renal disease, and cancer. HIV and ARVs can also have effects on the brain. People aging with HIV can suffer from a range of cognitive, motor, and/or mood disorders.

This conference will discuss the importance of testing and screening older patients, the complexities of care and treatment and recognizing conditions that necessitate referral. Participants will also review legal documents for patients to consider should they become incapacitated and unable to express their desire for their medical care.